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Grid Covers


Diaphragm Cell Grid Covers
The Grid covers are used to protect the copper grid from corrosion during the electrolytic process.

Mark I & Mark ll Series
1. Grid Cover Elastomeric compound options, 1⁄4” thick
    6962 Special EPDM
    6760 Special EPDM
    HK-94 Grid Cover Elastomers, 1/4" thick, available compounds:
2. Bottom Seals
    • 6055 Special EPDM Ribbed, Easy to Seal. Available in 1-1/2", 2", 3" Widths
    • Half Round available in 3/4" or 1/2" thick
3. No Drip Trims
    • EPDM Triangles, available in 3/4" or 1/2" PDF

Mark lll & Mark lll+ Series
1. Grid Cover Elastomer, 6962 Special EPDM, available in 3/16" or 1/4" thick
2. Anode Post Gaskets, 6962 Special EPDM, used with 3/16" thick base
3. F230LP, Fluoroplastic Face
4. Bottom Seal available in:
    A. 6055 Special EPDM bonded
    B. 6055 or 6040 special EPDM with location Groove, and 3/4" half round bonded to the blanket for the purpose of locating the 6055 or 6040 Seal PDF .

Diaphragm Cell Blankets
(Mark I, II, III Series)
All Series of Mark l through Mark lll are based on Customer preference of selection of bottom seals, compound used, and armored with or without a fluoroplastic face. These selections can easily be discussed with our technical sales department.

Mark lll HB Grid Protectors

Diaphragm Cell Blankets
(Mark III HB Series)
• The New Mark III HB Grid Protector incorporates a new Hot Bond process of laminating the Special F230LP fluoroplastic film to the Panacea® 6962 EPDM Rubber.
• The New Mark III HB Grid Cover was developed to be used with synthetic diaphragms. These synthetic diaphragms that are being used more regularly in chlor-alkali diaphragm cell are exhibiting a 3+ year service life.
• In order to best utilize this new Diaphragm technology, Prince developed an improved seal system for the cathode, cell head and anode posts in the Mark III Grid Protector.


Panacea® Cell Gasketing; Top and Bottom Seals
Specially designed seal configurations are used for the top cell cover and bottom base of the cells to prevent cell leakage.

Diaphragm Cell Cathode Top Seals
• Panacea® Special EPDM Sponge Rubber with Special Configurations
• Panacea® Special EPDM Rubber Long-life, Easy-to-Seal Configurations

Diaphragm Cell Cathode Bottom Seals
• Panacea® Special EPDM Easy-To Seal configurations, comes in different widths, durometer’s and profiles.

Customer preference in durometer, surface sealabilty, material and Inquire pairing of seals can easily be discussed with our technical sales department.


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